Sentinel-2 projection shift/error

Dear Guido,

As previously written, the anomaly impacting R079_V20160403T095406_20160403T095406 (T33UXP) and more generally the whole orbit A4080, R079, is still under investigation. Note that another orbit is impacted by a similar behaviour that is A3218, R075.

The associated products should have been removed from SciHub.


Dear bnnd,

Do you observe the same shift in both versions of the same product reprocessed with 2 versions of the instrument processing facility?

Thank you for having spotted that.

Sorry, I did not pay attention to your comment:“Another image, like the more recent
S2A_OPER_MSI_L1C_TL_SGS__20160205T174515_A003251_T31TGL_B04, is
correctly georeferenced (sorry, being new, I cannot insert more than 1

It means that there is still an older version of the same product available somewhere, should be removed to my opinion… From where did you get them? SciHub? Another portal?

Please let me know.
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Acquisition 2015-08-12

Acquisition 2016-02-05
S2A_OPER_PRD_MSIL1C_PDMC_20160210T111540_R108_V20160205T103556_20160205T103556.SAFE downloaded from scihub (on 2016-05-11) was correctly georeferenced.


Dear bnnd,
Thanks a lot for these elements.

Dear Rea,

Sorry to reply so late to your post.

I can see that the products you wanted to mosaic were not from the same relative orbit (50 and 93), which means that the geometric conditions are not similar.
Moreover, a slight yaw drift existed within the swath that as been corrected end of May.

You can find a list of known anomalies in the Data Quality Report with the following link:


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If it helps to someone: tile 33SVC from 2016-04-03 affected by the shift. I guess included in orbit A4080, R079 as Olivier explains.
Single version, not fixed version:

The shift is light enough to align images and use the overlap between tiles to avoid the problem.

Thanks to provide this data and resources to use it.

Thanks and regards,
Tomàs A.

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