Sentinel 3 image offset/shift

Hey all,

I am working with Sentinel 3 Data to create monthly composites (LST, NDVI, NDII). I noticed an offset on a few composites (this becomes recognisable e.g. through suddenly parallel running rivers) so I looked through the individual images I had processed and stumbled across a shift on a few images. I continued to look at the raw data in SNAP:

One misplaced image is: S3B_SL_2_LST____20210203T071601_20210203T071901_20210204T195744_0179_048_334_2880_LN2_O_NT_004

For comparison I used: S3B_SL_2_LST____20210202T074212_20210202T074512_20210203T133325_0179_048_321_2880_LN2_O_NT_004 (this one is fine like most of the others).

I opened them in SNAP and performed:

Raster > Geometric > Reprojection > EPSG 4326

as well as:

Raster > Geometric > Mosaic

In the Mosaic you can see a shift to the left! (2 rivers run parallal) (It does not make a difference if I first reproject > mosaic or mosaic > reproject)

In QGis I can see the same shift to the left when putting the images on top of each other.

A few of my composites look like that…

I noticed this kind of shift in a few other images from different dates as well. What could be the reason behind it?
Is this caused by Sentinel 3 itself?
Within my research I didn’t really find anything comparable and a recurring offset like this should have already caused discussion. However, I could not explain how I am responsible for this error.

(this is the only comparable question I found so far: OLCI level 1 raw data geo-offset along GreatLakes?)

I already posted here but did not get an answer yet coordinate system - Sentinel 3 image offset - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange

If this is not the right place to create this topic please let me know. Thank you for your help!

I checked the two products too and found the same issue.
This is most likely an issue with the data itself.
Probably it is best if you report all the products which have this shift directly to ESA.
Support (
Please share the answer when you got one.

Okay thanks, I will do so