Sentinel-3 OLCI data can not be opened after processed by iCOR

When I want to open the processed OLCI image in snap, it shows an “Unexpected Exception”. Details are shown as follows. Can this problem be solved?QQ%E6%88%AA%E5%9B%BE20190909171239

This is very general error, and the causes are quite different from reason to reason, that’s why, I encourage you to use the search function in the upper left corner, to find the same error with the same problem.

Thank you for your reply. I added some information about this problem. Looking forward to your reply!
messages.log (47.5 KB)

You say you have trouble with opening S3 OLCI data after using iCOR, but in the messages.log file one of the last entries is opening a S2 file. Maybe the log file does not correspond to actual error.

Please make sure to reproduce the error first and then attach the messages.log file again.

messages.log (48.1 KB) Maybe this file is correct.

In addition, I speculated that the reason why I can not open OLCI data in snap after using iCOR might be the existence of outliers. The details is as follows.

From the log I see that the metadata in the GeoTiff files is strange. One attribute has the value ‘1.#INF’ where actually a double value is expected.

Can you provide the GeoTiff file?

I’ll also move this thread into the iCOR category, as it seems that the cause is iCOR.

I’m sorry that the file is too large to upload successfully. Is there any other way to transfer the file to you?

You could something like,
or just upload it to my OneDrive. I’ll send you a seperate link in a PM.
This is the link of baidu cloud disk, I wonder if you can download from it?

Even after guessing the right button and using a translator it is not working. It forces me to download the client. And I don’t want to install it. Sorry.

Unfortunately I also failed to upload the file via OneDrive. Maybe I can send it to you by email. Could you please provide me with your email address? Thank you!

After running S3 OLCI L1 data into icor the image is not open

Which RGB profile have you used?
Maybe you see an error sign in the lower right corner after the message has been shown. This might give more information?
You can also check the log and attach it here.
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