Sentinel-3B/OLCI L1-EFR product not opening in SNAP-8 (latest version)

I am not able to open any of the band files nor able to import or open xml file in SNAP 8 (64 bit windows, 8.1 Pro, 256 GB RAM) to do further processing. What may be the probable reason. please suggest the solution for the problem.

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I haven’t heard of such a problem yet.
But that you cannot even open the nc files indicates that something is wrong with your installation.
If it would only be the xml file, then it could also be that the Sentinel-2 Toolbox is not installed. But I think you have installed pretty much everything.

You could have a look at the log file (Please see FAQ) and attach it here. This might reveal more information.
If not I can only suggest to uninstall and reinstall SNAP.

Sometimes decompression does not work properly. You can try to drag the .zip file to the Product Explorer directly and see if it opens.

Opening from zip file is only supported for S1 and S2 products. Unfortunately, not for S3.
But the extraction process could be a problem as Ana pointed out.
A tool which showed its reliability to unpack the data is 7zip. Others, like Winzip caused issues.

No zip file extraction is OK. What I realized that on windows platform the very long file name with a long name of subfolder (.SEN3) inside it, especially many underscores in continuation; is creating problems to import/read xml files in windows. You may have a look from that point of view.
I may be mistaken but once I corrected that, I was able to read, process and analyze all the datasets properly.

Oh yes, this can be an issue. Especially Sentinel-2 data suffered from this till the data structure has been changed. But yes, this can also happen to other data formats depending on where you store the data.
There is a way to enable support for long paths on windows. I’ve mentioned it here: