Sentinel 5P Air Pollution - Conversion to GeoTIFF issues

I am trying to convert “Methane” L2 S5P product to a GeoTIFF in order to utilize in GIS. I have tried multiple approaches, few described in THIS thread amongst others. I am however not getting any valid results thus far.

The extent of the dataset as viewed in Copernicus platform is as follows:

As a first pass, I created a subset of only the “methane_mixing_ratio_PRODUCT” in SNAP and exported this as GeoTIFF. When I brought this into GIS, I have applied Min/Max values, as well as defined “No Data”, replicating the metadata for this from SNAP. This has created a raster which looks similar to what I see in SNAP, though in GIS it is placed in a wrong location. Also - the spatial extents are incorrect, so is the spatial resolution - I understand this should be 7x7km:

SNAP View:

ArcGIS View:

Following these attempts I then tried the “SNAP Only” way as described by @marpet. I have exported only the band of interest “methane_mixing_ratio_PRODUCT” as a GeoTIFF subset, and brought this back into SNAP. However - when I export it again, I do not see the lat/lon bands, and also I do not see the tie-point grids on the corresponding tab either. I am using SNAP 7.0.3.

When I view the same nc file in SNAP, VISAN and Panoply, each of these displays look slightly different. Reading the file via wplot VISAN function, shows me a “surface_meridional_wind_velocity” attribute only - not sure why this is the case.

Panoply View:


If anyone has any other workflow, or can offer any insights, this would be very much appreciated.

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I`m trying to do the same workflow as you and also got the same results and no success at all. When I open the exported tif/nc/hd5 files the data goes to the wrong place in the GIS softwares. Did you made any progress in this question?

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