Sentinel 5p image processing for evaluation vertical profile of atmosphere

how to process the sentinel 5p image, it has 41 bands and when i open it in any software the statistical information is missing in it, where should i process the image for aerosol vertical profile values and how can i visualize there tendencies?

The Sentinel 5p data is not not explicitly support by SNAP and the toolboxes. They can be opened in a generic way, but there is no specific support, neither for reading the data or processing it.
Try the BEAT application. It is the intended tool for S5p data.

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thanks marpet,
how can i use the beat applications , like visan does it works in MATlab, instead of python? any tutorials available to deal with this stuff?

I don’t know. I have never used BEAT.

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Hello marpet Sir…
There is any another way to use and process Sentinel 5p data.

Thank you

In the following PDF link, you could find very good example of processing Sentinel 5p,


Source :


l tried this method, but firstly need that training folder data, ans secondly in visan does not export image. As in arcgis or another software, which analyze and compare 2 times differ pollution.

Which software useful for this and how. Maybe possibel in Visan, but l coulnd’t fine correct way.