Sentinel2 Cloud coverage estimation

How to estimate cloud coverage percentage for a batch of sentinel 2 products over a given Area of Interest during a time period?

I can’t give you detailed instructions but I think the Statistics Operator is a tool you can use.
You can specify a region and extract statistical information for it from a stack of products.
If you use the masks cirrus_clouds_60m and opaque_clouds_60m (as an estimation the 60m is probably good enough). I’m not sure if the operator will work on the S2 products right away, maybe you have to resample them on a common resolution (60m) before.

More info about the statistics operator is available here:

It depends how many products you want to process, for just a few there are alsoways in SNAP Desktop. But I guess, you have to many products.

If someone else can provide more information or has another solution, please jump in.