Sentinl-2 Level-2

The NDVi of cultivation until January 14/2022 has a logical sequence after the update of sen2cor v10, the ndvi obtained with the image of February 29 and 3 are low. Why?

Hi Jose,

You will have to provide more information on your process and the expected outcome. You may want to read the first section of the FAQ - STEP Forum, on post etiquette. This will get you a solution much faster than by cluttering other topics [1, 2].

it may be because the reflectance values have many outliers that condition the data set, with an outlier cleaning I think it should be solved

I am also curious about this change. It must be connected with Processing Baseline 04.00 changes:

For me it seems like the reflectance ranges in bands are changed now.

It might be the new parameter: harmonizeValues which somehow controls the ranges but the default option makes the data ‘comparable with data from previous baselines’ → so there should be no difference… Mybe it doesn’t work as it should. I hope soon there will be more informations on scihub.

Good morning, I have the same problem: since the end of January, when I calculate the NDVI from Sentinel 2 images, I get a value which is systematically about 0.1 points lower than the NDVI calculated from Landsat images and also than that calculated with the specific SNAP function.
I get this lower value both if I calculate the NDVI directly from Level 2 images and if I start from Level 1 images and apply sen2cor vers 2.10.01 to them. So it does not seem to be related to the new version of sen2cor.
Can someone help me? Thanks