Shift in georeferenciation Sentinel - 2 scenes, different dates for the same place


I have some problems with the georreferenciation of Sentinel-2 scenes… It exist a shift for the same place for different dates of the scenes.



Somebody can tell me how i can i solve this? Collocation can solve it to minimize or eliminate this shift?

Thank you very much for your attention.

I bet one is S2A and the other S2B, although the dates are not exactly a multiple of 5 days apart (so they are also from different orbits). There is a consistent north-to-south shift between S2A and S2B of about 1 pixel. ESA knows about this, but is apparently waiting for a new processing software upgrade to repair the problem.

More useful if you would provide S2 product details. ReflecKWAK is hard to comprehend.

I understand… This problem difficulties a lot investigation works that need a lot of detail.

Off course, the scene names are:

Repair that the only thing that change in the scenes are S2A instead S2B… And still persist the problem between S2B scenes.

I want to consider one year Sentinel - 2 imagery to study the evolution of that small area, so the problems for me are bigger now.

Yes, I think S2A generally has the best georeferencing and S2B is the one that is shifted. You can solve it by shifting each S2B by one pixel in the column direction.

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I think is not so linear, but i will try.

Thank you.

I agree with the comment that S2A has generally a better geolocation than S2B (especially before January 2018). However it seems from the above image that the shift is very small (lower than one pixel). This kind of shift can be expected for any pair of S2 images. If this is a problem for you than you will need to correct this (for the time being, this will be improved in the future). The shift between two acquisitions of the same tile is generally constant across a tile, except if you look at different repeat orbits over mountainous terrain.

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Yes, I agree too. Hoping this will be improved.


Is there any update on this? Does anybody solve the issue of image to image shift in sentinel 2A and 2B datasets?

Any new solutions on this?