Ship Detection - cannot export Geometry as Shapefile

ERROR Obtained:

Sentinel 1 toolbox used: v6.0.5

Options Tried :
1) 5.7.2 OPTION 2 – SNAP versions with error Here I’m unable to find object_detection_report.xml in "C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\SNAP\var\log" even post ticking to hidden file display option.

  1. Terrain Correction post object Detection:

is it an option to use the xml file directly?

@ABraun Yes but the XML file is absent in the said location. Please follow this URL and traverse to 5.7.2

In the end, I expect a shapefile output to use it in QGIS. Currently the output is flipped, so not able to use it. Can you please help overcome this. Is there a specific version I can use in order to overcome the error “Cannot export Geometry as shp”

is the csv under data/vector_data/ShipDetections.csv?

The error might be related to the encoding of the operating system. If the output is flipped, do you just need to exchange the column for lat and lon coordinates?

Hi ABraun,
I was able to get the right output manually from both csv and xml. Since December there have been updates, I did try updating SNAP both from cmd and gui(s1tbx v6.0.6). In spite of this the “shapefile export” error still persists. How do I use the right version of SNAP that doesn’t throw an error. Thanks for your time.


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I also get this error.

As a workaround you can open the CSV file in a GIS as I explained above


@ABraun, I’m able to get the above outputs displayed on QGIS. As I use this a lot; I am just looking forward to the bug fix or the other version of SNAP that doesn’t seem to throw error. Thanks for your time.


That makes sense of course. Sorry that I can’t offer a solution.

I have been following this thread as I am also affected by this bug. Can you tell me what the bug status is in JIRA and where it sits in the priority? This has been impacting people for a long time.
Thank you.

Dear colleagues,
Could you share your experience how you solved the Error on Exporting Geometry as shapefile?

I am trying to export some ROI to shapefile, but the below message appeared. The *.csv does not exist in the export folder, too.

Error in export vector file

after you digitized a ROI, you first have to select File > Save product. Then the export should be possible, unless there invalid geometries (sliver polygons?)

Thanks ABraun.
In this case, I loaded a ROI (shapefile), edited it, then saved it in a new ROI file. I did save the product before saving geometry as shape file. However, it did not work :frowning:

is it an option to modify the shapefile outside SNAP, e.g. in QGIS?
SNAP might not be the best vector editing tool.

Thanks ABraun,
That is the option I did for now. However, it would be much more convenient if SNAP can be fixed and improved its functions.

I just tested your case. First, I made a polygon in QGIS

Then I imported it in SNAP

I modified the geometry and selected File > Save Product

Now I export it from the Product Explorer

This is how the file looks now

And I was able to fully load it back to QGIS

Maybe you have some more complex geometries with topological errors?

If you only need the shape of the geometry, you can also read the WKT from SNAP in QGIS

There are a couple of plugins for this.

The ship detection file in the vector data folder is not being created when using model created in graph builder but when I am performing the same steps manually I am getting the ship detection file in vector data folder. Could anyone help me with this?
Thank you.

can you please share the graph?

This the graph for ship detection with the default settings.
The graph for preprocessing of the image with the default settings.

sorry, I meant as an xml file.

Process.xml (2.7 KB) detection.xml (5.3 KB)