SLC- removes lines between adjacent sub-swath

I am a novice trying Sentinel-1 SLC. There is a distinct line between adjacent subbands, and the range direction data appears to fluctuate (As shown in picture). How can I remove this stripe to produce a smooth image, Please help me!!
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Please apply TOPSAR-Merge operator in order to merging subswaths (IWs) that belong to the same TOPSAR image,

Thanks reply, the TOPSAR-Merge is after calibration and before deburst?

Thanks reply, the TOPSAR-Merge is after calibration and before deburst?

What exactly do you intend to do?

If you intend to process the whole image three su-bswath at once, the merge should be the first process, but in simplest way,

Apply, TOSAR - split —> Apply Orbit—>merge

first one is to split each sub-swath and the second one is to apply orbit, and then to merge the all three sub-swath, also it is possible to include debursts after apply orbit, but it depends on the goal of the process.

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Topsar Merge will not correct this. This the thermal noise from the sensor. The ThermalNoiseRemoval operator can be applied before calibration to remove this between subswaths. However, the noise vectors provided in the product will do a good job of removing this over land but you will still notice it over the ocean.

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Thank you very much for your detailed reply. Do you mean that this situation is normal and inevitable in the ocean?

I found this article now explains exactly @lveci solution, of the Efficient Thermal Noise Removal for Sentinel-1TOPSAR Cross-Polarization Channel as reference,


thank you very much