SNAP 6.0 First Start: Authentication Required

Hi, I´m new to the snap toolbox and installed it recently. When I start ist the first time, I get a “Authentication Required” PopUp. Not shure what it is about, I mention maybe a ProxyServer Login request? Or is ist something else?

thanks for help, Marc

Hi! I think I have similar problems with snap. Although I’ve been able to work with it for some time, I think I also have a problem with proxys and authentication issues because SNAP doesn’t work anymore. I can open the software, but the buttons of the main menu don’t deploy any dialog window and finally it gets stuck.
Additionally, the times SNAP run properly, I noticed that interferomety tools redirected different urls in order to virtualy download DEMs from different websites. If it’s possible, I would need a detail description about all the urls SNAP uses in the different process it develops so that our technical support team could enable our proxy to authenticate them.

Thanks for your help.

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@marc.sommer I haven’t heard about such behaviour yet. If you can still work with SNAP, you can go to the WWW tab in the options dialogue (in the tools menu) and change the proxy settings. Maybe your admin can help you.

@pedro1973 You find several URLs in the file. It is located in the etc folder of the SNAP installation directory. Probably the list is not complete. There can also appear new URLs by new plugins. So it is not possible to give a final list of URLs.
Also you might want to add to the proxy rules. Otherwise it might happen that you can’t update your SNAP installation.

Thanks for your suggestions. It’s really kind of you.
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today I got the message shown in the screenshot below. Then the logIn reqest came up again.
After that, Snap hangs for about a minute or two. Maybe the information below helps to localise the problem.
I checked the Internet Proxy Settings, and the green arrow came up, so everything seems to be fine. (World View works aswell).

Update 15 minutes later: Snaps hangs completly…


Some news on this:

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