SNAP 7.0.0 grey screen opening S2A_MSI__ data

Hi everyone. I’m working on SNAP with Sentinel-2 data. I can import the .xml file (downoladed from ) but opening RGB and HSV image window the view box display a grey or black screen resèpectively.
Here 2 screenshots from RGB image adn HSV image.
I’m using a DELL XPS 13 9380 with 16 gb RAM, so I think that there is no low computing power issue in my case (as seen in some previous topics).
Any suggestion?
I tryed also with S2A_MSIL2A data but the problem is the same.

can you display single bands correctly?

I wonder if you maybe renamed the top foder of the product grafik

No, I can not. I didn’t renamed the folder.
The folder name is S2A_MSIL1C_20150704T101006_N0204_R022_T32TQR_20150704T101337.SAFE
and inside there is the .xml file as usual ( I think).

ok, just wanted to go sure.

Have you tried moving the entire folder to another location with shorter path, e.g.


Problems were reported for paths exceeding 255 characters.

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I moved the folder on dekstop and it works, problem solved. Many thanks!!!

great, thank you for reporting.