[SNAP 8.0 - TileCacheOp] field 'source' not set

We are trying to make use of the new TileCacheOp in order to manage memory efficiently. Moreover, we are caching the output of ‘Calibration’ task and using that data in subsequent tasks. However we are getting the following error:

Error: [NodeId: TileCache] Operator ‘TileCacheOp’: Mandatory source product (field ‘source’) not set

Corresponding image and graph are attached:

graph.xml (7.1 KB)

Great that you give it chance. We are keen to see how it works in real life.

Regarding the error, I guess the Graph Builder does not properly connect the nodes.
If updated your graph. graph2.xml (7.1 KB)
In the TileCache node I renamed the input from sourceProduct to source.

Can you try to run the graph from the command line?

Thank you @marpet for your prompt reply. Renaming the input from sourceProduct to source solves the problem. Nevertheless, the graph takes much more time to run than the previous version (without TileCacheOp). Therefore, we suspect we are not using the new operator properly in this graph. Is Calibration task output cached by default?

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S1TBX 9.0.3 Graph Builder still has this issue and requires renaming the input from sourceProduct to source.

Version 10.0.0 also has this issue

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JIRA ticket [SNAP-3688] - JIRA created.