SNAP 8 - Graph Builder Error

I want to process Sentinel-1 data. However whenever I load data to graph builder, the graph builder got stuck and gave following error:

Error: [Nodeld: Apply-Orbit-File] Connect to [] failed: Connection Timed out due to Connection time

In the end I have to terminate SNAP using task manager. What could be the possible reason?

can you please make sure that you have installed all updates?

The Orbit operator can slow down the Graph Processing Tool, it was discussed already here: is not used anymore in 8.0.3.

@mirza.waqar, which SNAP version are you using? This error should not be present anymore.


I am using SNAP 8.0. I tried to upgrade it to 8.0.3 but it always failed to upgrade due to server connection problem.

In this case, I cannot help further. Hope it’ll get resolved