Snap 8 installation on MacOS

I downloaded the main installer from for MacOS. When I try to run it on MacOS 10.15.7 (Catalina), the MacOS refuses to install it because it says it can’t be checked (see screenshot). I installed the latest security update that was released this week.

Is there a trick to bypassing this check?

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According to this post this warning should have gone away after some time after the release: SNAP 8.0 released
But this does not help in your case, of course.

That the warning message should go away after some time is true for Windows but not for Mac.
For the Mac problem users can follow this guide:
Safely open apps on your Mac - Apple Support

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I had the same warning in MacOS. You only need to give permission in Security and Privacy.

Thanks. The key is to try to run the installer, then go to System Preferences->Security&Privacy->General and click a special “install anyway” button. After that, it will allow you to do the installation.

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