SNAP 9.0 software installation failed

Snap 9.0 Instalacion Error

Do you know why this error occurred?

Posting a screen capture means your post won’t be found in a search for “Command-Line.lnk”.
If you had searched for the error message you see that many of us have encountered this error: [SNAP 8.0] Installation fails with SNAP Command-Line.lnk failure message]([SNAP 8.0] Installation fails with SNAP Command-Line.lnk failure message).

Have you previously install SNAP? If you have administrative privileges you may be able to remove a previous conflicting link, otherwise you may need help from someone who does have the required privileges.

If you are unable to solve the problem you should post additional details: Windows Version, native install or VM, and whether you have a consumer version or an “enterprise managed” version of Windows.

Actually, this should have been solved with SNAP 9.
[SNAP-1530] Without admin rights installation fails on Windows - JIRA (
But we have also noticed that this might happen in some specific scenarios. But we were not able to reproduce it, nor find the reason for it.

You can try the installation with admin rights or deselect the option to create the start menu short entries for all users.