SNAP and SARscape

Can anybody give me comparison between SNAP and Sarscape ? and in which aspects SNAP is superior to SARscape ? and what features it lacks which are present in SARscape?

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I used both. SARScape can cost tens of thousands depending on the packages you use. I used it in university. SNAP is free and more important is that it is open source. You can use it for your business and update the code or make your own code with it.
SNAP is easier to use. You don’t need to worry about DEM or orbits or converting product formats.
SARScape has PS and hopefully SNAP will too. For newer functionality in SNAP some things still seem a work in progress.

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Thank you YiPing for sharing your experience,

I’d be curious to know, if developers see this post, are there plans to include PS in SNAP ? If so, how long term are they ?


SNAP 5.0 supports working with StaMPS, which does PS:

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Any place for directions in using StaMPS with SNAP?

Thanks, MEH

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Hello, Yiping
I used SARScape too. Do you know if the final output in DInSAR workflow is a LOS displacement or vertical displacement? Thank you in advance