SNAP beta 06 release

Hi have downloaded the latest SNAP version:
The installation seems to run smoothly but when I first launch SNAP, I get this error message:
“Cannot locate java installation in specified jdkhome:

Do you have any idea?

best regards


This is due to some problem with the performance configuration that was fixed after the Beta-6 version:

I’m sorry you’ll have to manually change the etc\snap.conf file in the installation directory (change C::snapjre to C:\snap\jre). Alternatively you could reinstall snap.

Could you please advise me a bit detail how to fix this problem

There are two ways to proceed:

  • uninstall SNAP and reinstall it
  • modify the paths in the snap.conf file. This file is in the “etc” folder at the location SNAP was installed. By example C:\snap\jre should be changed to C:\snap\jre.

We will provide an update of SNAP by tomorrow evening that will fix this.