SNAP GLException

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I’m using VM, linux, the SNAP is updated, I got the following error, it appears immediately when SNAP is launched,any suggestion please,


Can you please check

Hi Oana,

Thank you for your response, But I’m lost within this link you posted to me :face_with_head_bandage:,

More hints, if that possible,

It seems to be an incompatibility between the video driver (X11 in your error) of your linux VM and one of the libraries (possibly jogl).
Did SNAP work properly on your linux VM before the update?

Yes, it works fine before the update, and yes indeed I got the same answer from RUS VM, after removing the worldview the error disappeared,

The answer of our colleague from RUS,

"As far as I know, as explained above, there is a problem of compatibility of some libraries in the RUS VM. The are a lot of tools installed and managing the libraries’ version is not always easy since sometimes they have different requirements. "

Thanks a lot @oana_hogoiu

I think it is an unfortunate coincidence that it doesn’t work after the update anymore.
The dependencies for NASA WorldWind haven’t changed for two years.
Maybe something else was updated on the VM too.

@falahfakhri If it is still not working you can disable WorldWind and use the old flat map as a workaround.

The following is copied from the FAQs we currently collect:

I have problems with the 3D World View on Linux, can I disable it?

The World Wind View causes sometimes trouble on Linux, especially in VMs. This is often caused by the 3D graphics card driver. Updating the driver might help and if you are in a VM it might help to enable 3D support. You can try to switch the World Wind View in to the flat mode. This can be done in the options panel in the World Wind tab of the General section or paste this property


into the file which is located in the etc folder of the SNAP installation directory.

If this still does not help you can remove the World Wind View module:

Delete snap/modules/org-esa-snap-snap-worldwind.jar within the installation directory.

If you then start SNAP you get a warning that this module is missing. Accept it and let SNAP remember the decision.

As a replacement you can use the old-world map. You can find it at View / Tool Windows / World Map in the menu or in the toolbar .

See also: Issues/Observations/Comments of SNAP 6.0 Beta

And the drivers for the graphics card shall be up-to-date. But it in this case, it could be that an update of the drivers caused the problem.

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