SNAP Problem - Time series analysis not working in SNAP 6.0

Hi there,

I have been doing some analysis later and I have encountered a problem with SNAP 6.0. It seems that the Time Series Analysis is not working properly. I have a number of cropped products and when I want to add them to the plot the tool is doing nothing. Did any of you have this problem? It seemed to work in previous versions I think?


There was some discussion about the tool here. Maybe it can help you.

Hi, thanks, it worked :slight_smile:

Great. :+1:t2:
What have you done to make it work? Just for others who might stumble about the same problem.

My problem was actually on defining the ROI region. Somehow I had other expectations on picking up values. Noob. :slight_smile:

Hello! I have a problem with the Time series tool. The chart is not displayed correctly for the option Show Average ROI. When I move the click in the ROI the value of NDVI it’a about 0,25, but for the Average ROI it’s about 0,45. Please help,I need help urgently!