SNAP software not working properly (Shortcut problem)

I have an external hard disk connected to my PC and I downloaded the snap software into it. I install the software and removed the hard disk.

When I connect the hard disk, the snap software is working fine. But when I disconnect the hard disk, I am getting a prompt whenever I use any tool, or open the data or anything else.

When I click OK two times, the tool is functioning. For every mouse click, I am getting this.

I guess it might be the problem with registry settings. I would like to know where the registry installed for SNAP software. I am using Windows 10 professional.

So SNAP does not work when the drive you installed it on is not present?

it is working but it is showing the popup (Problem with Shortcut) every time I use any tools in the software.

I have click OK twice then the tool is working.

I do not understand why SNAP works at all when the installation is not present.

SNAP doesn’t use the registry.
I assume that you have somewhere a link (maybe on the desktop) which is named IITB_Soft and this links to some software on your external hard drive.
This is an issue in Java. There are several similar problems reported.
Eventhough it is said that it is fixed for version 8u202 (which we use with SNAP 7), there might be some other issues open which cause the problem.

Wow, Thank you so much marpet.
Yes, I have a shortcut name IITB_Soft on my desktop and I removed it. Now the software is working fine.