SNAP to ArcPro

I have been using the CR2CC algorithm to identify seaweed in coastal waters. I have had good results using SNAP so far. Now I am trying to export the iop_apig, iop_bwit, and iop_bpart as GeoTIFF files and then calculate the conc_chl and conc_tsm in ArcPro. I have successfully completed this for three images with no problems. For the most recent image from 2/25 I am receiving extremely high values that are completely different from the results in Snap. I am applying the same formulas (conc_chl = pow(iop_apig, 1.04)21) and (conc_tsm = iop_bpart1.72 + iop_bwit*3.1).

Any advice on why this might be happening?

Also any advice on migrating raster data from Snap to ArcPro?

Habe you tried this way? How to export Chl as a single tiff from C2RCC result?

I ended up using the raw image files from the .data folder. This worked really well and yielded the same results!

Do you know of a way of moving back from ArcPro to SNAP?

Basically,GeoTiff is interchangeable between both, but it does no long contain metadata (sensor specifics, processing history, image properties etc.)

Awesome, got it to work! Thank you for your help!