Snap view problem

I’m Tommaso from Italy, excuse me for grammar mistakes

I work on snap with sentinel-1 data, format grdh.
I trasformed the altitude and intensity bands to
sigma0_VV and sigma0_VH bands with radar calibration
Now I try to convert in RGB with Open RGB Window and when i start the operation there isn’t any problema.
When the RGB conversion finish the view box don’t display the raster but there is a completly grey screen
Is a problem of RGB conversion?
Is Memory problem or my PC have a Low computing Power?
How i can solve this problem?

Thanks for your help

I think it is a memory and low computing power issue. If the process finished sucessfully, but you can’t view your result, it probably means you don’t have enough memory and computing power to display your result.

Thanks for help, i try to a more powerful pc

is the ‘grey’ screen the same grey as the background or do you see another grey image where you would expect the RGB composite?

I see a dark grey screen where i would expect the RGB composite
But i try on another PC and It works

Glad it worked out for you!