Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow

Can I grasp " later commands ( splitting_slaves ) for all data" regarding folder meaning is from slaves folder to split folder?

GI don’t understand, sorry

In next release it will exists an option to overwrite or skipped already processed files.
Coming soon!


Hi! i am trying to run splitting_slaves but i have this problem

do I must shift the master scene when adding more scene to the slave folder ?

If you do so, you need to re-do all the processing as all the slaves should always refer to the same master when working with PSI.

So, keep the same master or re-do everything

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Hi,thank you for your amazing scripts!
one question,can I define the LAT/LON with 3 decimals instead of 2 decimans in AOI BBOX?

I always used 5 or more decimals, whatever you use is taken by the script :+1:


thank you ,i’l save many time and storage when dealling with larege area (such as 500 km2 , I divided it into several zones overlapped one by one with small overlap regions) , isn’t it ?

yes, this is possible.

Hi ABraun ,

I try to execute python
I work on windows 10 machine , in the cmd command it looks fine ,but in the log file it seems an error occured in splitting slaves .
Please have a look at the attached files and help me to now what’s the problem.


well, it says “successfully completed”, so I think you can proceed. The output is just a warning/info, not an error message. Check one of the split product in SNAP, but they should be alright.

The Error in log file disturbed me , but the Split products are well done.

Another request, in the second step coreg-ifg-topsar , I added the two attributs range and azimuth to the XML file , but I still have problem in spectraldiversity.
(I use SNAP 7). Could you have a look in the attachements.

Thanks in advance



please see this suggestion here: Snap2stamps error

I have change what it was mentionned @Abdel in coreg_ifg_computation.xml , but the Error still , what shall I do then . Cheers

did you change both xml files related to coregistration?

What’s the error message?

Dear ABraun,
I added the two attributs range and azimuth to
Coreg-ifg-topsar.xml, coreg_ifg_computation.xml and coreg _ifg2run.xml

Here is the Error that occured !?

please be careful when entering the new lines


  1. remove the space before <useSuppliedAzimuthShift>false</useSuppliedAzimuthShift>
  2. The correct variable is Shift, not Shfits

Thanks , I passed this step
But another problem was occured , here it is ! @mdelgado

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know why this happened.
Please try to apply EAP on the master product > Menu > Radar > Sentinel-1 TOPS > S1 EAP Phase Correction

Then change the name of the master in the config file accordingly and run again.