Snap2stamps: splitting_slaves completed but nothing in the split folder

Hi guys, I’m looking for some help here for the use of snap2stamps. When launching python project.conf in terminal, it showed splitting was successfully completed. But the folder split was empty. It was supposed to save the splitted slave image there, right? For more informaiton, I’m using SNAP 7 and ubuntu 18.04. Here are some screenshots at terminal and the log file:


However, instead of using snap2stamps, I loaded the graphic file: slave_split_applyorbit.xml in SNAP and ran it. I got the splitted slave image data and the corresponding .dim file. Thank you!

hallo @yhuang228 have you solve this problem?

usage gpt <gpt>
message indicates that the command which is executed by python does noth match the syntax by the SNAP graph processing tool. The topic was created in 2019 - are you sure your problem is the same?

Instead of python try to use python2

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For python 3 the subprocess syntax had changed (depending on then version), so I suggest to stick to the requirements that are python 2.7 (even if old).

I will release a new snap2stamps version compatible with python 3 as soon as I will get the time for it. Sorry for the inconvenience

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