Good morning,

I created an interferogram based on ERS SLC data following these steps.
First could you tell me if it is correct (the final product seems fine).
Step 1: Apply-Orbit File (DELFT)
Create Stack
Cross correlation
GoldsteinPhase Filtering
Terrain Correction

My problem appeared during the unwrapping
I have done the export snaphu
runned snaphu
But for the Import snaphu I am not sure which file I am supposed to use for the phase wrapped:
Phase.dim or Phase.hdr ?
For the unwrapped: the unwrapped.hdr ?

With .dim the result is not correct (see attached file)
and with both .hdr I can’t run snaphu import.

Could you give me some more information about this step ? For now I followed this tutorial:

Thank you

selecting the hdr file of the unwrapped phase should work. You need to select the product before unwrapping in the first tab. Please see here: Problem in Snaphu Import section

Edit: Your unwrapped interferogram doesn’t look that bad actually…

Thank you for your answer. Can I do something to improve the result ? I tried increasing the number of tile but nothing change.

Is it better to do the terrain correction before the unwrapping or is it better after as done in the tutorial ?

your results strongly relate on coherence and atmospheric conditions. If they are not good, there is no technical way to improve it.

Terrain Correction should be the very last step, after unwrapping and phase conversion.

Hi, I change my graph to stop the processing at the Goldstein filter, before the terrain correction. Done the unwrapping but now snaphu import is not working :
NodeId: 3-SnaphuImport; SnaphuImportOp requires input products to be of the same HEIGHT dimension.

What should I do ?



Do you know if for ERS it is possible to do the unwrapping before the geocoding ? See my previous message
Also the phase conversion is not doing anything, the window just flash for a second. I saw another subject about this but no solution.


I highly recommend geocoding after unwrapping.

I understand that but when I plan to do the geocoding after the unwrapping I got this error in the snaphu import:
NodeId: 3-SnaphuImport; SnaphuImportOp requires input products to be of the same HEIGHT dimension.


If you select the product before unwrapping for 1 and the one after unwrapping in 2 it should definetively work.

I don’t know what happen last time but it is working now !
Just the terrain correction is not correct. Do you know what is the problem ?

looks like there is not enough coherence on the right side of your image.

Sure but look at this result:

left top is unwrapping and then Terrain correction
right top TC and unwrapping
bottom the interferogram wrapped


Terrain Correction involves resampling of the pixels, that means new values are calculated. Maybe you should multi-look and filter your interferomgram before unwrapping.