SNAPHU import

how to read the file??

In the Radar -> Interferometry -> Unwrapping menu there is a Snaphu import. It takes the wrapped phase and snaphu unwrapped phase as input and creates a new unwrapped product with the metadata taken from the wrapped phase product.

ok how can i get it in?

Pick the .hdr file and it will read it.


What if we use .img file?

It will lead to an error.

img files alone cannot be read. The software needs info to understand how the image is made. Like : number of columns, number of rows, number of bytes per pixel, …

When you give the .hdr file to SNAP, SNAP will search in the same directory the corresponding .img file and read it using the “header” information contained in the .hdr file

Thank You for assisting me.

In read phase i loaded the interferogram product (.HDR) generated during snaphu export and in the "read unwrapped i loaded the unwrapped.HDR but it shows the error. plz help me out. Thanks

It is better to have the interferogram product open in SNAP already (saved as BEAM DIMAP) and directly select it from the drop-down menu in 1-ReadPhase. Only in the second tab a hdr has to be selected.

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Thank you I am trying

image still the problem is… please need help

I got from here it works :+1::+1: Snaphu import problem