SNAPHU installation on Mac Big Sur ZSH terminal

I want to install snaphu on my M1 macbook. I dowloaded the setup file from stanford website. I installed it using this way.
Opened terminal accessed the src directory and then “sudo make install”.
At the beginning it was showing man1 folder error so I created the man1 folder using “sudo mkdir usr/local/man/man1” and then the error got away.

Now when I type which snaphu it shows snaphu not found. Please guide. Also one thing I noticed that they way @muddasirshah did the installation it showed bash-terminal and mine shows ZSH. I am using the new m1 macbook pro having mac os Big Sur in it.

that image show that the binary was copied into /usr/local/bin… I don’t know much about MacOS but have you check if that is in the PATH?
can you try to run


to see if get the expected output…

you could have continued in the other thread

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Sorry about the second thread and yes the paths exist

usr/local/man/man1 exists

i think it has something to do with ZSH?

When I edite the Makefile by changing any path it then shows error. So what do you suggest?

You can try running snaphu with:

/usr/local/bin/snaphu [...]

or add /usr/local/bin to the PATH environment variable. You can add directories to the PATH for all users (zsh configuration on macOS) or just for yourself in ~/.zshrc. Both bash and zsh comply with POSIX standards, so adding a directory to the PATH is done the same way (but the name if the file where the command goes will differ, see man zsh):


Note that you may need to create ~/.zshrc if it doesn’t exist on your system.

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I am literally not understanding that. Please make that simple for me🥺.
Like what’s the path variable? If you can please please write it in steps and I’ll follow you. All I know is that it’s zsh based and not bash.

We had the same discussion here: Installing SNAPHU on Macbook

The path variable is a list of directories which are indexed for later use, so if there is a command inside, it is found by the system.

@gnwiii suggested to call snaphu by writing the full path to snaphu as an alternative.

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I’ll try it but not sure whether ill do it or not.

I am trying to install SNAPHU on my mac osx Big Sur. When I enter the src folder using terminal and type “sudo make install” it shows the man folder error.
I even updated the make file directory by adding “/man1” to it still it shows this error.
I am not that good in linux, please help me it’s urgent. I am following that SNAPHU installation thread by @muddasirshah , created the man1 folder and still have no idea what’s going on. Please please please guide me

Did you change the Makefile entry /usr/local/man to /usr/local/man/man1?
If so, try changing this back and then create the /usr/local/man/man1
directory. You can do this with sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/man/man1.

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please don’t open new topics on the same questions. I merged all posts in here.

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I understand sorry about that. I have a request please teach me in step by step manner. I shall be obliged. Seems like I am not able to follow the thread you’ve mentioned. Help me!!

don’t worry, it’s not that hard.
In which directory did you install snaphu?

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I downloaded the file from stanford website. Opened terminal (zsh). In the first installation it showed error 1 as no “man1” folder was there in my system root. I created it using “sudo mkdir man1” command inside the usr/local/man directory.
and ran the setup again. This time no man1 error showed but when I typed “which snaphu” it said “snaphu not found”

Now I don’t know what to do ahead.

please type whereis snaphu

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Thank you, you’re so kind. Laptop not here with me at the moment when I get back I’ll do it. Any further guidance is more than welcome. Thank you one again Andreas :heart:

no worries, we’ll get it to work. :+1:

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ok, then then installation failed.

Can you please go to this location and manually create the folder for the manual?


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Another man folder?