Dear All
I am doing my analysis on SNAP using Sentinel 1 data to find displacement in the area. After creating the SNAPHU unwrapped images from the phased image it shows some distribution in the area I mean it doesn’t have the random values but has some geographical distribution in the area which ultimately affects the displacement results.

these kind of phase jumps in th unwapped phase indicate areas of large noise where the unwrapping of the fringes was not possible. Can you please also share a screenshot of the initial interferogram?

Thanks for your response. Actually might be that is the reason also because at this image on both sides we have Ocean. Currently i am working on the coastal area. The interferogram is attached.

the fringes do not loog too bad actually, although we cannot be sure if they are caused by actual displacement or by atmospheric patterns.
But obviously, the sea area distorts the unwrapping in the coastal area.

Maybe it is worth trying to mask the water bodies before unwrapping: Is it the right way to create mask for phase unwrapping?