SNAPHU running is killed suddenly

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I would like to unwrap my interferogram made using SNAP with three sub-swaths of S1 images but whenever I run the SNAPHU command, the running is killed suddenly as follows:

Could anybody please guide me on how I can fix this issue? Is this issue related to consider the whole of S1 image? I need to tell you that there is some water in this study area (New Zealand).

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Please try to avoid duplicate topics: The same question was asked and answered here: Unwrapping

If you need such large extents of areas, maybe multi-looking to 20 or 30 meters (after the interferogram generation) is an option. As long as your fringes are present, the pixel size plays a minor role.

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The “killed” means that SNAPHU ran out of memory on your computer. As @ABraun suggests, you should do multilooking before unwrapping. For a very large area you might need to multilook to 60 or even 80 meters, unless you have a computer with a very large memory.