very strange. Are the results in the output folder reasonable at least?

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I also encountered a similar problem, and my results are the same as those shown in your diagram.How did you solve the problem in the end? Can you give me some Suggestions.Thanks!

does it also happen when you run snaphu from the command line?

Yes, the error still occurred when i run command lines,and my statistical-cost mode is SMOOTH,initial method is MCF,Tile is 10X10,overlap is 200.I don’t know why. May I ask whether this is due to the problem of software installation?

sorry, thought you have the problem with the target folders in the user directory because you replied to this post.

So what error exactly are you referring to?

I’m sorry I didn’t state my problem clearly.I have been trying to unwrap my interferogram using the SNAPHU-unwrapping plugin and I’m getting the error:
Unexpected or abnormal exit of child process 12796
Thank you very much for your reply. I’ll check it carefully about the target folders in the user directory later

I don’t think this relates to your problem then.

The “abnormal exit” error is tricky because it does not say much about the reason why snaphu is failing.
How large is your interferogram (columns and rows)?
Can you please post a screenshot of it?

It is always worth to change the number of tiles and also test the other modes (MST vs MCF).

Hi,I deleted the previous result file and rerun the entire process.I think this seems to be due to the performance of the computer. I reduced the number of burst and found that unwrapping output was normal.Maybe my previous range was too big, my range was an IW
Thank you

good to hear!


Please tell me.
I have a question about parameters when using SNAPHU-Export.
I want to know the meaning of each parameter.

Statistical-cost mode:When should I use TOPO, DEFO, or SMOOTH?
Initial method:When should I use which one?
Row Overlap and Column Overlap:How much do you recommend? Do you have any literature?

I’m sorry that it’s hard to convey because English is not my native language.

This depends on the dimensions of your raster, please check here: SNAPHU Unwrapping - #458 by ABraun

The unwrapping process stays as follows for hours, then snap closes.

I am unwrapping IW1 and IW2 of the same frame separately. I even combine IW1 and IW2 with TOPS merge and unwrapping. But IW3 doesn’t work alone.