I have been trying to unwrap my interferogram using the SNAPHU-unwrapping plugin and I’m getting the following error.
Is this a tool error ? or a file error?
Note: My system is equipped with a 16 GB RAM.

a tool error. I had this a couple of times as well and was able to solve it by changing the number of tiles.
I see you use 20x20 tiles which is a bit much. Try 15x15 and make sure you increase the overlap as well. Please have a look at EJFielding’s comment on this: SNAPHU parameters

I tried with those parameters, 12x12 tiles and an overlap of 200. Still facing the following error:

did you delete the tiles folder before running again? Sometimes, the temporary files prevent the execution of a new run.
I also suggest trying MST instead of MCF (or vice versa) and if this does not change anything, also SMOOTH instead of TOPO/DEFO.

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I am trying to unwrap a single subswath, so what would be the ideal parameters? The default tiles are 10x10 and 0 overlap. As the previous links suggest, there should be some amount of overlap. How do you determine these parameters.

When you know the total size of your raster you can calculate how much tile rows and lines you need so that they at least fall below 3000 pixels.
200 overlap is fine, independently of tile size.