Soil Moisture Mapping

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I am trying to process soil Moisture in snap 8.0 on sentinel 1 dataset. As the sentinel 1 data having polarization (VV, VH) I have applied IEM muti-polarization inversion Model on dataset as you see in attachment while doing an error is occured, it need sigma HH band to process this model, while the sentinel 1 don’t have sigma HH band . Is this model is only for Radarsat dataset . Can anyone help me out?

yes, multi-pol means you need HH/HV/VH/VV polarizations, while Sentinel-1 only has VV and VH.

You can test with ALOS quad-pol data (some are available here:

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I am a student of BS-Space Science. I am doing my research project on soil Moisture Mapping.
But ALOS quad-pol data is not available for the present year. Can you recommend any Opensource dataset?

I’m afraid there is no freely available quad-pol data at the moment, only from commercial sensors (TerraSAR-X, COSMO-SkyMed, Radarsat-2,…).

Can we Map soil moisture on SNAP with programming using any specific dataset? one more thing can we map soil moisture on another image processing software?

Can you suggest me any idea to do this work with sentinal-1 dataset?

soil moisture mapping is quite a challenging task, especially for unexperienced users.

FAQ: I want to extract soil moisture from SAR data

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