Speed up processing through GPUs

Is it possible to speed up SNAP toolbox processing through GPUs? Most of all, is it possible doing this by using snappy?

Thank you


No this is not possible.
We made some tests some years ago and found out it is not giving speed improvements.
The data transfer between memory and the graphics card ate up all the calculation improvements.
It only helps when you have a small amount of data and processing takes long time. But this is not the common case in the EO domain.

Thank you :disappointed:
Do you have any suggestion to improve snappy processing? For example through python multithreading?

I’ve written a post some time ago about it:

Also increasing the available memory might help:

Thank you very much


So you mean to say that GPUs only helps to cut down the processing time only when the amount of data is small, which is not essentially the case in the EO domain.

Maybe things changed since we did the last tests. GPUs increased a lot in the last ten years. But I think in general the statement is still true. Transferrring the data to the GPU takes time and this must be overcompensated by the faster processing on the GPU. Also the GPU is specialised for certain problems and is not fast for everything.