Dear Researchers,

I am applying ISCE/StaMPS for time-series analysis. But not sure which of the address I should change within the StaMPS_config.bash. Could you guide me figure it out?

export STAMPS="/home/user/StaMPS-4.1"
#export SAR="/home/ahooper/software/ROI_PAC_3_0"
#export GETORB_BIN="/home/ahooper/software/getorb/bin"
#export SAR_ODR_DIR="/home/ahooper/software/SAR_FILES/ODR"
#export SAR_PRC_DIR “/home/ahooper/software/SAR_FILES/PRC”
#export VOR_DIR="/home/ahooper/software/SAR_FILES/VOR"
#export INS_DIR="/home/ahooper/software/SAR_FILES/INS"
#export DORIS_BIN="/home/ahooper/software/doris_v4.02/bin"
export TRIANGLE_BIN="/home/user/software/triangle/bin"
export TRAIN_BIN="/home/user/software/TRAIN/bin"
export SNAPHU_BIN="/home/user/software/snaphu-v2.0.4/bin"

Which of the above software/line is necessary for ISCE/StaMPS combination?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Ramos
Many thanks for your reply.
As I said I’m going to Run ISCE and StaMPS for my research. And here in StaMPS_Config we have Doris, ROI_PAC, Getorb, SAR_files/ODR, and … items! MY Question is that, which one of them are necessary to my work based on ISCE and how to arrange them?