Dear Researchers,

I am applying ISCE/StaMPS for time-series analysis. But not sure which of the address I should change within the StaMPS_config.bash. Could you guide me figure it out?

export STAMPS="/home/user/StaMPS-4.1"
#export SAR="/home/ahooper/software/ROI_PAC_3_0"
#export GETORB_BIN="/home/ahooper/software/getorb/bin"
#export SAR_ODR_DIR="/home/ahooper/software/SAR_FILES/ODR"
#export SAR_PRC_DIR “/home/ahooper/software/SAR_FILES/PRC”
#export VOR_DIR="/home/ahooper/software/SAR_FILES/VOR"
#export INS_DIR="/home/ahooper/software/SAR_FILES/INS"
#export DORIS_BIN="/home/ahooper/software/doris_v4.02/bin"
export TRIANGLE_BIN="/home/user/software/triangle/bin"
export TRAIN_BIN="/home/user/software/TRAIN/bin"
export SNAPHU_BIN="/home/user/software/snaphu-v2.0.4/bin"

Which of the above software/line is necessary for ISCE/StaMPS combination?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Ramos
Many thanks for your reply.
As I said I’m going to Run ISCE and StaMPS for my research. And here in StaMPS_Config we have Doris, ROI_PAC, Getorb, SAR_files/ODR, and … items! MY Question is that, which one of them are necessary to my work based on ISCE and how to arrange them?

Dear PeymanPython, Did you get your answer? because it’s my question too!

Dear Niloofar,
Yes, I’ve already resolved the issue and got promising results. I can share the StaMPS_Config file… through an email …

thanks a lot, dear Peyman.

which lines should be edited in the StaMPS_CONFIG.bash file? and into what directories? if you have figured it out, I would appreciate it if you inform us. Thanks

This is well explained in the tutorials:StaMPS - Detailed instructions - #2 by ABraun

I understand, I have edited most directories according to the tutorial except for

export SNAP2STAMPS="/home/username/snap2stamps"

Which wasn’t even a line inside the StaMPS_CONFIG.bash file, So i didn’t know what the folder snap2stamps contains so that i can add this line and edit the directory accordingly

The snap2stamps variable is not important once you have the data prepared. StaMPS works without it.

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