StaMPS-Export without TopoPhaseRemoval

Dear all,

as an input for another program I need the reference phase of my interferogram (flat- earth phase + topographic phase). For this I thought about generating two interferograms, one with subtracting the flat-earth phase and the topographic phase and one without subtracting anyting. Afterwards I have to do the StamPS-Export.
This export is not working for me without subtracting the topographic phase (Error: Need to add orthorectified lat/lon which I only get by doing the TopoPhaseRemoval).

Does anyone know how to do the StaMPS-Export without TopoPhaseRemoval or is SNAP able to export the flat-earth phase and the topographic phase?

Thank you in advance.

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It’s not super handy, but what I do is to create 2 interferograms, one with TopoPhaseRemoval and one without. Then I substract the phase (modulo 2pi).

Ok and which export do you to then?

I misread your post. I thought you wanted the phase components.

I don’t know how to export them

@Verena did you get any clue, if it is possible to do StaMPS processing without topographic phase removal ? Can somebody tell if it is possible to add orthorectified lat/lon bands exclusively in interferogram file?

you can add them manually ini the band maths as described here (outdated description, but some steps are still valid): How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP - #252 by bayzidul

Thank you so much @ABraun . Your suggestion worked