Stamps Installation step by step for beginner to linux

Although I tried many times to install StaMPS on ubuntu but was not successful, I need step by step setup. I am new in linux. Is there anyone to help me? I think this is help all beginner.

Have you seen this? StaMPS - Detailled instructions

Especially the first resource is very detailled and currently the best available. SNAP - StaMPS Workflow Documentation

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You should mention the Ubuntu version and whether you have updated to the current version. Most users have Ubuntu 18.04. There were changes and new bugs in Ubuntu 20.04 that are being fixed with updates.

Users new to linux will benefit from taking the time to study linux. edX Introduction to Linux is free and high quality, but only available in English. The edX course suggests 5-7 hours a week for 14 weeks, but it is self-paced. Many students can complete the course in 14 evenings spread over a few weeks. You may find it helpful to find colleagues to do the course as a group. Linux Command has been translated to other languages. There are many videos and online tutorials for Linux in languages other than English, but not all are high quality so you may want to ask for recommendations on one of the Ubuntu forums.

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