StaMPS processing error

I have got this message during step 3 in some of the patches
“Warning, not enough random phase pixels to set gamma threshold”

And in some patches, very few pixels were initially selected, leaving nothing after the weeding step. Should I increase the selection density and repeat the whole process "stamps(1,4) for all patches? or only re-do steps 3 and 4 so that the files 2.mat files will be overwritten?

Here’s Patch 27, 21 logs
STAMPS_patch27.log (16.0 KB)
STAMPS_patch21.log (16.0 KB)

Just increase the amplitude dispersion value to 0.42.

I appreciate it. what if some of the patches have interferograms already initially deficit of pixels because the area they represent is pre-dominant by water body

There will rarely ever be any ps pixels left for weeding. Shall I continue processing and ignore those areas? or must I try the best to subset away water bodies during the pre-processing ?

After merging Is it possible to view the patch gird with each’s number on the merged scene in order to identify why some patches are devoid of PS during weeding ?
like this

I have a water body in my study area and it’s what most likely causing a particular patch to have no PS points left after steps 2,3.
Also, will continuing merging this PS-lacking patch cause problems in further processing, or may I leave it as is?

Hi. Does anyone know what is causing the error shown below?

And, do you have any recommendations on how to fix the error?

@ABraun @thho

Thank you.

Hello everyone,
I’m facing this error in step 8 of stamps(1,8). Did someone face and solved the same issue?

Thank you.

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First try to install triangle using this below command and run the stamps(8,8) step once again,

sudo apt-get install triangle-bin

@suribabu very thanks, it works!!
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how do you use 1 master +3 slaves inside snap2stamps? i dont understand

In any way, you need more images for PS DInSAR processing.
Have you seen these? StaMPS - Detailed instructions - #2 by ABraun

i have complete that, but now i have problem with the stamps(2,2), the error is as below:

Error in clap_filt (line 47)

Error in ps_est_gamma_quick (line 225)

Error in stamps (line 327)

Do you know what is the problem?

I had the same problem, could you tell me if you have solved it?