Stamps_tsexport.csv empty

Dear all,

I am trying to export the table of displacements and other data from the StaMPS results. I encountered a little difference between two versions of the MATLAB sequence to do this.
Basically, it does not work for me if I use the line:

export_res=[lon2 lat2 disp disp_ts];

but it seems to work if I use the line:

export_res = [lonlat(ind,1) lonlat(ind,2) disp disp_ts];

I tried it changing the radius in the PS selection plot, taking the values 100, 300, 500 and 10000 (to catch every point).
However, the results is always a .csv file without PS information:

Please, somebody knows why my .csv is empty?
Is there another way to export PS data to excel. shapefile, ascii, txt, or other?
If you need some of my StaMPS results to verify where is the problem, please, don’t hesitate in asking me for those files.

Thank you very much in advance.


Without other information from the forums or external consultations, I could infer where the common variables about displacement, velocity and coherence are. I exported and plotted them in QGIS:

Even so, I posted my deductions on the MAINSAR group dedicated to StaMPS.
Please, if you can contrast my assumptions, you can review my conversation here.

Thank you in advance for your revisions.

Hey, did you find a solution for this. I am also getting a empty csv file. I explaind it in this thread