StaMPS-Visualizer, SNAP-StaMPS Workflow

@Tome: Try to install Rgal using

Thank you @erkdiwakar. It works.

Unable to run the code currently in R as it doesnt support the package rgdal.

Good morning, I’m trying to install “rgdal”, could someone help me?

Hi @thho, @ABraun , kindly suggest a way in which the stamps-vizualizer script can be modified to export standard deviation plots as CSV inside Matlab.

I am encountering this issue that wasn’t a problem when I was using the older matlab version. Please help

  • Copy the chart to clipboard (on right side the upper icon)
  • open a text editor and paste the chart

I have tried these two steps and nothing is being copied at all even though the baseline chart was properly plotted

were you able to solve this?

is there a way to export kmz files from google earth to display on Stamps visualizer? also is there a method to save high resolution images from stamps visualizer instead of taking a screenshot ? @thho

Is there a way to acquire a TS profile plot using certain point coordinates instead of randomly hovering the cross-hair over the figure produced from the ps_plot(‘v-dao’, ‘a_linear’, ‘ts’) command?