StaMPS with COSMO-SkyMed

I am learning to use StaMPS with Sentinel-1 data, but have found nothing on using it with COSMO-SkyMed data. Is it possible? Are there experiences with it?

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Which processor did you select to do the stack processing of CSK images?

It’s possible to make PSI with the same workflow as sentinel-1? using SNAP?

no, Sentinel-1 is acquired in TOPS mode, while most other SAR satellites are mainly acquiring products in Stipmap mode. This means you don’t need Split, Deburst, ect.

Coregistration and interferogram formation is sufficient.

And you need > 20 images for a reliable PSI result.


Thank you @ABraun, I will try to make PSI SNAP-StaMPS with Cosmo data .

Hello @CFEgildan71
Can I ask you how did the cosmo data processing in stamps go? some particular advice or the flow is like S1?
I’m trying as well but I have many doubts.

Did you by any chance use SNAP’s ‘‘DEM assisted coregistration’’ tool to coregistration the CSK?

thank you very much in advance!!

please check my answer on stripmap producs here:

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Hello @adry

I couldn’t get Cosmo-Skymed images because it is just for European Union citizen, Canadian and Chinese, then I couldn’t test the process flow in StaMPS. If you have Cosmo images, it would be great that you test the flow and share your experience. As say @ABraun, it should be easier than Sentinel process.

there are a number of CSK sample products offered via the TPM of ESA:

Hello @ABraun.

I tried to download sample data and I have received this answer:

Where is the sample data located?
The TPM data should be free (at least I suppose)

I just click on your link and I choose México City, after that, I received fail to download notification due to my region, that is México.

oh I see. Sorry to hear that, I was not aware that some of the TPM data are restricted.

Yes, it is sad for me because I just want to test a flow processing using this satellite to evaluate the possibilities to use it in some projects that I have as alternative or complement to TerraSAR-X. I guess and I hope, I could test it after.

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@giomasce Hi Giovanni, I too am interested in this possible use of StaMPS. For the moment I have try with only 2 CSK images. I processed them in SNAP, but in StaMPS at the step 2 Matlab gave me this error:

Perhaps this may be due to using only 2 images, or depends on the format of CSK images, but I have no other CSK images to use. Then, did you try to use (with good results) StaMPS with COSMO-Skymed images?

I am not sure of what is the problem you found, but I am pretty sure that with just two images you are not going to do any PS or SBAS analysis.

@giomasce Thanks, I know this, but now I have only these 2 images of CSK available, so for the moment my aim is verify that the SNAP+StaMPS worflow works with CSK images; a test, not a real PS analysis. I have see your post so I’m interested to know if you have bring to a successful conclusion an analysis with CSK images.

Ah, I see. I have no idea of what your problem might be, though. I haven’t finished yet my analysis, because I am also reading the StaMPS program to understand how it works. I am not really expert yet, so I am pretty slow (also, this is kind of a side project for me, my main attention is currently elsewhere).

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Hi everyone,

I’m doing some test with CSK images. I have done coregistration, interferogram formation, subset and StaMPS export with SNAP. But when I go on StaMPS the process stops at step 2 “Calculating patch phases”. Any solutions? Thanks.

13 million candidates are quite high. Have you considered using more patches?

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