Subset before snaphu-export

Hi I am following the flow chart provided in this post Can't read the dim file processing from Snappy

I am able to generate files up to Goldstein filtering step. The problem is in exporting to snaphu and then unwrapping to produce the unwrap phase .img file.

I am unable to unwrap because the tile generation terminates in the middle.

I read this forum and found that it could be because of the image size and my compute resources. I am using 32 GB RAM and trying to to process SLC image downloaded from Copernicus browser. I tried to work on a subset of the Goldstein phase filtered image. I have two questions:

  1. When I tried to get a subset, it gave me no intersection, although I know for sure that the points I provided for subset is within the image boundary. Is this because some previous step is not implemented properly? This is the snapshot of Goldstein phase filtered image

  2. How to decide over the parameters to export to snaphu. I thought of subsetting because I thought it would help. Will it help to generate unwrapped .img?