Substitute Matlab scripts for StaMPS PSI processing

Dear all,

I need to process PSI using the workflow SNAP/StaMPS but I don’t have a Matlab License. Could you please help me to know if it is feasible to convert/interface the Matlab scripts into another programming language (such as C or R) and still use the StaMPS functionalities of PSI process?

Thank you all!

there was a topic once where users discussed to translate StaMPS to Python language, but there were no updates published lately. Need help with re-writing StaMPS to Python

Maybe this one is also interesting to you: SNAP MintPy integration for SBAS time series

Octave aims to be able to run Matlab scripts as is.

I managed to export a single master stack prepared for StaMPS using Snappy. I then spent some time trying to get StaMPS to work in Octave and I did get it to run a few steps but gave up after a while to focus on SBAS approaches instead. I basically just ran Stamps in Octave and changed Stamps modules with every compatibility error I got as I went along.

I remember one specific StaMPS script required a patch to a module that was released with Octave version 4.4.4 so if you do plan to try it out, use the latest Octave version.

Python would be great…


ABraun, here is the GitHub repo with Vant’s python translation of StAMPS (I hope he does not mind, the license is open):

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