Terrain correction problems

Good morning everyone,
I’m processing some interferograms from Sentinel 1 images but I’m facing some problems at the end of the processing chain with the Terrain Correction (Range-Doppler Terrain Correction) tool.
The problem is that sometimes (not always and I can’t understand why) my interferogram is cut passing from radar to geo coordinates.

Has anyone of you run into the same problem? I tried using different DEMs, but the problem still persists.

Thanks four your help!

if your study area contains ocean (or inland water) areas, this option crops them out in the resulting product:

Thanks, @ABraun! my area is in the middle of the Alps, no water close to it… however, I tried without that option, but I still get the same results.
I’m disappointed because It’s not a constant error. Sometimes I can get the entire scene well reprojected, but other times,for unknown reasons, it doesn’t work and cut part of it.

Thanks for your time and help!

then this line is not because data is left out but because pixels are moved to their correct position. The geometric distortions are corrected in the image, causing one (or both) border in range direction to be adjusted to the terrain topography.
This is completely normal and should actually happen for every image in this region. The stronger the topography, the stronger this effect.

Have a look at this tutorial: http://step.esa.int/docs/tutorials/S1TBX%20SAR%20Basics%20Tutorial.pdf
The same effect occurs there after terrain correction.

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Ok thanks @ABraun.
So it’s just a “visualization” problem… thanks for your help.


let’s say it is simply a higher “product level” :slight_smile:

image source

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@ABraun Thank you for the clear picture - it explains a lot.