Terrain flattening outputs empty VH channel

Hello everyone

I have been running some tests with SNAP before moving to snappy, but I have found a problem I do not know how to solve: After running terrain flattening, the VH channel is empty (the image only contains zeroes). What I was applying was the chain:

  1. Apply orbit file
  2. Thermal noise removal
  3. Border nose removal
  4. Calibration (to beta0)
  5. Multilook (from 10 to 30 m)
  6. Terrain flattening (default parameters)

I have been running tests with different images (I tried in several PCs, one with windows 1, one with Kubuntu and forgot the specific granule), the current one is


However, no matter the operative system, the VH channel was empty

This has happened to anyone else? Am I doing something wrong?

All the best,

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This is a known issue and has been fixed. The fix will be in the next release

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Thanks a lot @jun_lu, I was pulling my hair scrambling to find the error, I will wait patiently for the fix :slight_smile:

Do you know what is the patch release schedule? (to know when to go back to the tests)

I think it will probably goes with release 8 shortly in the near future

The release 8 snapshot I built does correctly output VH data from terrain flattening.