Time series analysis settings

Hello. I am creating land crop type mapping. All process have done. But at the and I try to create model graph, I click apply but in the time series nothing to add and nothing is change. Do you what is problem?

Did you follow these steps:

Sometimes checking the filter icon or selecting the ROI again is needed for the graph to refesh.
But I recommend using the mouse-over function first to see if it basically works.

I also see that you added the single layers but have opened the stack in the view. This could also be a cause.

thank you very much

please let us know if and how the issue could be resolved.

I use filter band. I did not chose available bands for graph. Now it works.
I have another question. Where can I read article about time series. I am doing proces but I do not now mean this proces

I would suggest searching for keywords, such as NDVI and time-series or variability, excluding the studies dealing with noise or errors. You can use Google Scholar for that: