Toolbox version tracking

Hi, says the current version is 8.0.0, but after I let my toolbox upgrade run, I see 8.0.1. I assume is out of date? Or does not reflect the versions of all the subcomponents?

Also, where can I see release notes for minor versions? just shows them for major versions. I want to make sure that the new orbit file location is being used.


Yes, you are right. The download contains only the last major release. Minor updates are distributed by module updates within SNAP. Check the module manager.

Release notes
Releases · senbox-org/snap-engine (
Releases · senbox-org/snap-desktop (
Releases · senbox-org/s3tbx (

For the other toolboxes this is not available. We don’t have a consolidated way of posting the changes.

Usually, we also post here in the forum about updates:
SNAP 8.0.3 module update available - snap - STEP Forum (