Topographic Phase removal of S-1 stack for StaMPS export has some problem

Dear colleagues,
It seems that Topographic Phase removal of S-1 stack for StaMPS export does not work properly. The interferograms (after topo remove) in a stack differ from those of single pairs. Other people have the same problem How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP 5. Thus, all our results are wrong…
Could you, please, check this.
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I´m following this issue to try a Stamps processing. Any information related to this will be helpful.

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Dear katherine,

I’m still verifying all the data, but yes it seems that some DInSAR files are erroneous. When I can confirm it I show an example here.

So for now, if we make a listing ot the issues during the Stamps pre-processing, we have:

  • DInSAR on stacks seems to not work properly
  • Wrong heading inthe output from Snap to StaMPS
  • (Topographic phase removal does not work for Cosmo-Skymed data)

Am I wrong?

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Dear Christophe,
1/ Topographic phase removal does not seem to work properly with Stack. It works OK with separate pairs.
2/ Heading is OK.
3/I used SNAP only for S-1 images. Images from other sattellites is easier to process with Doris as StaMPS is well adjusted to Doris.
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1 - Well, I confirm what you say, separately it’s ok, in stacks the values seems wrong.
2 - For Heading I still have an issue with a different value for heading between SNAP and the output. @annamaria, do you confirm?
(3 - For this I was using the parenthesis, it was more to indicate this fact which is not as much an issue, and which was already noticed in another thread)

2 - For Heading I still have an issue with a different value for heading between SNAP and the output. @annamaria, do you confirm?

@cfatras Heading, in my case, is correct if I use layers withouth TC, is “incorrect” if i use layers with TC. So, the problem is the shift of images, not heading angles.
The only (big) problem is wrong result obtained by topographic phase removal with stack.

Any news regarding this issue?

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I have just read in description of Snap 6.0 beta version that

Topo Phase Removal handles multiple slave images correctly.

It is the solution of our problem with multiple ifg stack? @katherine @FeiLiu @krasny2k5 @cfatras .

I am currently testing that, I hope to tell you what I found soon as it would make the whole process so much faster and easier…

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Well the first results seem correct compared to what I had previously, so the issue for me is solved for the SNAP 6 beta under MACOSX environment. I still have to go deeper in the details but the InSAR/DInSAR process for stacks works for me.

Someone else can confirm that?


@cfatras thank you for your post. It is encouraging.
I’ll test SNAP 6 beta version under linux next week. I will let you know. :slight_smile:

I still see issues with the georeferencing, with an approximate 2km shift. Applying the TC tool corrects the effects though… like previously.

I confirm, the problem with Topo Phase removal tool with stack is solved in Snap 6.0 beta version. :relaxed:

Dear Annamaria,
I also managed to get reasonable (althogh noisy) results with Snap 6 beta version. Topophase removal now seems to work properly. But I am still pussled with the problem of geocoding. If I export to Stamps ifgs without terrain correction (Stack_ifg_dinsar) PSs are shifted considerably. If I export to Stamps terrain corrected ifgs (Stack_ifg_dinsar_TC) there is no shift but the heading value is wrong (180deg). How do you solve this problem?
All the best

Dear @katherine, I solved my shift problems with TC correction.
I read the stamps code: it seems that heading angle is used only during the union of patches: in my particular application, I don’t use multiple patches, so I hadn’t problems related to heading angle. I didn’t check the case with multiple patches.

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Dear Katherine,

One possible workaround is to impose the heading angle value. This is what I do for now.
In ps_load_initial_gamma_snap.m, replace (line 64):

% setparm(‘heading’,heading,1);



Maybe that will help you…