Tops Merge gives value jumps

Hi everyone!

I’m working with SLC IW and dual-polarimetric data (VV and VH as it’s in the Arctic region). My region of interest lies between two swaths in the same image, so I’ve been using TOPS merge. I can see in the the HV channel that there is a clear line with a jump of values between the two different swath (in the image below). This also doesn’t seem to happen in the VV channel.

Here is the graph I have used to get to the result:

Do you know if I missed a step to ensure continuity in these values, or should I handle the data differently?


I found that these stripes between swaths are probably due to thermal noise, and not to the tops merge operation from this post:

Since the thermal noise removal step also removes slc phase information, I imagine that it cannot be corrected when working with the C2 polarimetric matrix.